Nicolina Speaks at Indigo Book Store

What a distinct pleasure it was to to speak at one of my favorite Montreal spots, Indigo Book Store at Place Montreal Trust. It has long been an extension of my office as I use the space for inspiration, to decompress, to meet clients and to simply get lost in all the magnificent books. When I was asked to speak about food and presentation, my heart literally lept. It was like hosting a cocktail party in my very own living room. I spoke about gardening, farming, family, food and books. I could have went on forever but I knew I had to open the table up for tasting at one point. I was so grateful to all who came out, to family who helped tirelessly to set up and to the fabulous folks at Indigo for encouraging me to pursue my dream of putting my culinary landscapes into a book. A very big thank you to Tuan Le Dang and Alexandra Boctor of Indigo for making this possible.
Brigitte Sainte-Vincent and Serge Borduas
Special thanks to Salvador, Butcher
Marché Atwater Étal 11
Le Potager Gourmet
Spécialité Légumes fins et exotique
Diane & Gaëten Pinsonneault
Special thanks to Fanny Beaudin, Stand Keeper
Marché Atwater Étal 12-13

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